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Re: Come on now, let's do a Boston meet-up f'real this time!

Okay....let me know when.

Unfortunately I am not up to driving the 3 hours anytime soon.  But have a lot of fun all!  Let me know if you want to meet up someday in CT.  ;)


I had a super awesome time Sunday. Y'all are a hoot!

I'd totally be up for Grasshopper again, but am also interested in other places.

I ate my leftovers that night, like a dunderhead. I wasn't hungry, of course, I just wanted to taste the "no name" again. Yum!

I'm most available on Sundays.



Either is okay with me. April 2nd might be better, but I
think this Sunday is possible. What time are you thinking?
I am open to either place. I don't get to Masao's much, so
that would be a treat, but the grasshopper is cool also.


I'm totally not available for the next couple of Sundays. The 2nd might be good, but I may have something already planned for that day. I'll let you know when it gets closer, or when I've got my calendar figured out.

UPDATE: I am not available on the 2nd, so the next available date for me is the 9th of April.


Okay, April 9th. I'll make a note. Masao's or the
Grasshopper or someplace else? (Have you ever tried
Veggie Plant in Harvard Sq?). We can decide the place as
the time gets closer.


Good luck this time! I felt so bad about your last get together - people getting projectile vomit and 5 feet of snow falling!

Hope things are going well for you, Sandhya. Feel free to pop by -- all of the trouble makers are there :)

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