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Pot luck suggestions?

I guess the topic name is pretty self-explanatory...

I'm looking for something that's not too involved and not necessarily "impressive" -- but still tasty.

Thanks! (in advance).

I've made the black bean and quinoa salad on this site and it went over well at a potluck.

I also make a brown rice and spelt sald. Cook some spelt grain and short grain brown rice and let cool. If you only have the b.r. that's fine, but make sure its short grain so you get that nice chewyness to it vs. "mushy" longer grain brown rice! The "dressing" is 2 tb light oil and 3 tb lemon juice. mix those together. I like to add some chopped nuts (walnuts, pecans), dried fruit bits (cranberries, raisons), and chopped veggies (carrots, whatever). You can create different combinations based on what you have in the kitchen, I like to do cranberries + walnuts + a little sweetner (1 t or so to taste). Alternatively, you can make an asian inspired one by adding edimame, baked tofu, various chopped veggies, and some seaseme oil and soy sauce.


I usually bring a simple pasta salad.  Penne or spiral noodles, grape or chopped tomatoes, peppers, onions, carrots, celery and some Italian dressing.  Sometimes I'll add feta cheese and use Greek dressing (non-vegan).

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