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Picnic Ideas???

I am going to an evening picnic/music festival. I will be packing a dinner picnic for both vegans and non-vegans.  Any ideas on what to pack to wow the non-vegans?

how about a roasted veggie wrap? roast some summer squash, asperigus, portobellos, whatever you have and toss with some balsamic vinagar and olive oil. that's always tastey. roll them up in a wrap, or do like a hummus wrap. i love sandwhiches.


There is always 'German' style potato salad. This uses olive oil instead of mayo. Not
only is it vegan (and tasty), it keeps extremely well in warm weather. You can make in
mild or spice, as desired.


Both great ideas!  Thank you so much. I've never made German potato salad before but it sounds perfect for picnics. 


How about Goddess Pasta Salad?


I make a very simple pasta salad when its too hot here. Really simple, 1lb of your favorite pasta prepared and cooled. A few diced tomatoes, some seasonings (a little salt, a little bite, a litte zing, a little zest),and just a few splashes of olive oil.

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