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Organic Valley soymilk

Does anyone know if Organic Valley soymilk is vegan? It doesn't say so on it so I'm thinking it's not.

From their web site:

"Does Organic Valley Soy fit into a Vegan diet?

Yes, Organic Valley Soy is fine for a Vegan diet. There are no animal derivatives or byproducts used in our ingredients, or the production of our ingredients."


Thanks, everyone. I didn't even think about going to their website. :P

Sandhya, thanks, but actually I pretty much know what is vegan and what isn't. I was basically wondering about what form of B12 they used, and I guess I was wondering if it was vegan because I'm used to Silk having the vegan symbol.


Sandhya, there's nothing to be sorry about. Actually, I was afraid my comment would sound rather snotty, but I didn't mean it that way. Everything's good. :)

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