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no-yeast bread recipes

Does anyone have any (or know where i could find some) good bread recipes that do not have yeast in them? My boyfriend doesn't like eating yeast, but loves bread, and the yeast-free breads out here cost an arm and a leg. Thanks!

- Kay

Greetings regalwizard: The classic The Tassajara Bread Book , by Edward Espe Brown, includes a handful of unyeasted bread recipes.  You may well find this book in a library. Incidentally, this is a great book.


I adore that book! I've have my original copy from 1979. 


Me too nancyk212, it is a fabulous book.  Have you ever made the sourdough pancakes?  Outa this world!  So many excellent recipes. (sorry, regalwizard, have gone off track somewhat).


No need to apologize! Just makes me search all the harder for it, is all! Though checking back here right before dinner really doesn't help, especially when you're having a rice-based dish for the... let's see now... 33rd day in a row (and no kidding). There's really only so often I want to see bok choy on my plate before I start getting tired of it. :P


Please tell me more of what you were thinking.

There are "short breads" meaning they use baking powder and/or a combination of baking soda and some sort of acid to make it "puff" when baking.

Then, they are "long breads" which typically means yeast, but could be a sour dough or some other sort of a "sour" used to ferment things a bit to add air bubbles.

Now, not all sour dough breads taste that way.  The taste of a sour dough depends on the type of sour and the area where you life.  In the US, San Francisco is famous for its sour dough.  That city is on the Pacific Coast, plenty of salty sea air, warm days, etc.  Here in the midwest, it tastes somewhat flat and not all that sour.  You could try this.


Hi Kay, macrobiotic breads are made w/o leavening agents (yeast, baking powder and baking soda). They are all leavened by natural fermentation and probably have that sourdough-like taste. I have some recipes but I haven't tried any of them (I don't have a warm enough place to let them rise). If you want to buy a yeast-free bread, Pacific Bakery makes good whole grain breads... I think there's spelt, kamut and rye available. You can get them at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods and maybe Wild Oats. Let me know if you want me to post or message you a recipe.

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