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No-cook party foods?

So my oven crashed and burned the other day in a disaster that had me calling the fire department and evacuating the dogs.

And yet I have a party I'm hosting vegan on Saturday.  In theory I could go over to a friend's house to cook all the food, but what a pain.

So what recipes do you recommend for a party that doesn't require being cooked in an oven.  I have a fryolator I never use, but could if a recipe calls for it.

I was thinking...

And maybe some spring rolls?

Any ideas would be appreciated, :)

Dips with crackers/chips/veggies, bruschetta, antipasto platter, finger sandwiches...


Lots of things can be made on the stovetop only.
Hummus of course!!
Dips and veggies or chips or crackers, no cooking at all.
Pasta salad, or pasta and sauce.
Gazpacho or ajoblanco (recipe on VW)--cold soup which in this weather would do well. No cooking required.
Fresh fruit platter


So what did you do???

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