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nancyk212 where do you shop?

Hi NancyK,
you are in chicago right? In a VwaV review you mentioned you found pomegranate molasses in a little grocery store... where is it? and have you found agar or arrow root powder anywhere in this city? any advice would be most appreciated.


I found the pomegranate molasses at The Egg Store in the Harlem/Cermak shopping center, in North Riverside. (If you're familiar with that giant stacked "car sculpture" with the VW on's right there.)

I've found agar and arrowroot powder in bulk at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, and it's also at Penzeys (I shop at the one in Oak Park on Lake Street).

Are you in the city, or the 'burbs?


in the city/north side. I've looked at whole foods, but not in the bulk area... i'll have to go check it out.



I should clarify...look in the bulk SPICE area, not where they have the rice, beans, etc. You'll find the arrowroot and agar powder along with allspice, bay leaves, etc.

If you go to the Egg Store, look toward the back of the store. There's a few shelves of Lebanese/Middle Eastern food. The molasses brand is "Sultan" and it's in a slender glass bottle.

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