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Making tofu, attempt #5: Success!

It came put a bit soft, but that is okay, pretty tasty though.  This time, I measured out my soybeans and found that I didn't have enough for two batches of soymilk, but enough for 1 and a half batches.  So I just soaked what I had, and put it all into the soymilk maker and made one batch.  I used filtered water, and one packet of coagulator.  And it worked!  What it looks like before I press it is like very very silken tofu.  When it looks like that I know I got it right.  I put it into the tofu press and pressed it for about 20 minutes.  I didn't use as much weight as the first time.  So now I know that the softness of tofu really does depend on how much weight you use when pressing it.  I would say that the texture was firm rather then extra-firm.  The block was small  however. 

I think I  may need a bigger tofu press. 

I feel pretty confident that I know what I am doing now and will just repeat what I did this morning.

3/4 cup dry soybeans, soaked overnight, made into one batch of soymilk using filtered water, then one packet of coagulator and then pressed.  I think this weekend I may go about seeing if I can make a larger tofu press, maybe use an old bread pan or something.  I have a strainer that may work lined with cheesecloth and use a small plate on top to press? 

Anyway, I think I finally have it down.  Next I may try to  use some other grains as well as soybeans.  Maybe soy/barley, or soy/oat?  Maybe I will try YG's black bean tofu?  Worth a shot!

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