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Making Icecream

I am about to buy an icecream machine.  I wonder if anyone has a tried and successful icecream recipe they would like to suggest.  I especially enjoy blueberries and almonds but open to any suggestions.  Howe'ver, note please that I live in NZ and therefore specific products/brands are very likely unavailable here. 

I would say the tastiest vegan ice cream I have made was from a cookbook called Nonna's Italian Kitchen (

The chocolate cashew gelatto is amazing. :) good luck and happy ice creaming!


Adagio, there is a book called Vice Cream that has lots of 'ice cream' recipes. Most are based on cashews & maple syrup. I made the chocolate once. It was good, but I don't have an ice cream maker so I had to just freeze it. One thing though, the reicpe called for almond extract which I thought ruined the pure choco flavor I was hoping for. It made it a chocolate almond ice cream.


I would really appreciate if recipes were posted here.  I won't be buying any icecream books just yet.  Howe'ver, thanks to those who responded.  Anyone else out there?


I don't have any ice cream recipes, since even the vegan options are generally high in fat (I'm pseudo-dieting right now), but the Cuisinart website has lots of good sorbet recipes here.


Didn't Robin post about making ice cream a couple weeks ago?  I remember reading that she'd been experimenting with her ice cream machine...  I'll see if I can find it in the archives a little later.

mmmm... ice cream! 


Thanks Sharway, for the Cuisinart link.  Lots of material there.  I've copied the ones that appeal to me.  Sound good.

Thanks also to MegMarie.  I shall look back and locate it.


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