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le creuset pan help!!

my le creuset pan has developed 2 little chips in its enamel inside the bottom.  i have been on their website and i cant see anything about what to do if this happens.  it looks like it is just the top layer and it is still enamel underneath and also the enamel round the egdge of the chips is still firmly adhered so im thinking it will be ok????      any thoughts?

i think it'll be ok.  :)
if its chipped and you can see the cast iron under it, its still ok too, but you have to be careful with it, so it doesnt get worse, and be careful to dry the cast iron bit really well, and put some cooking oil to keep it seasoned like you would a regular cast iron pan, thats all, apparently.

you could always email them though if you're still not sure, though i'm sure it'll be fine. perhaps they sell a little pot of enamel paint for you to touch it up with or something, lol... i know we just painted the chips in our bathroom sink with some stuff, and it worked really well, but i really don't think i'd want to do that to a pan without checking first, incase i poisoned myself or something, lol.


My understanding is Le Creuset stuff has a 99 year guarentee. If you chipped the pan
(like with a metal spoon) you may be out of luck (the pan is still use-able, just
chipped). (I would expect you would have to hit the pan fairly hard to actaully chip
the bottom.) If the paint is just coming off...I would sent it back to them and get a
new one.  Check out:

I remember once calling them for some info and they were helpful on the
phone. You could always just give them a call (the number is on the warrenty page
given above).

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