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just curious...comparison shopping

I finally found a healthfood store here in the S. Spain town where I live that has frozen soysages and other meat replacement products. They seemed a bit pricey, between 7 and 9 USD a pound. How does that compare with prices stateside or in other places? I'm new at far I've used tofu, nuts etc. as protien replacements...

I don't use the meat replacements much, but that seems a little pricey to me. I know that our plain tofu is less than $2 a pound and that pre-seasoned tofu is usually $3 or 4 a pound, but that's the extent of my knowledge. We rely very heavily on beans and lentils for our proteins, and we find that our sodium levels are lower and that we tend to get more fiber this way.

Where in Southern Spain? I have family there, and my fiance and I just visited a few years ago. We LOVE Spain, especially Andalucia.


Sevilla, the capital city of the region. Been here for 24 yrs and the only thing I don't like is...July and August. DH is a native, I'm an import. ;D While I wish it were nearer the mountains, it's a nice-sized town. (I used to think it was a big city till I visited Chicago! Then I found out Sevilla is a burg. :P


I visited both Andalucia and Sevilla when I was in Spain with my spanish club after high school several years ago.  They were both beautiful and I would love to go back some day.  My favorite thing in Spain was visiting The Valley of the Fallen.  Yabbitgirl, if you'd like to think Sevilla is a big city again you can visit my "town".  There's only 1,400 people.  ;) 

As far as the meat replacements and saysages, I don't buy soysages but when I buy ground Boca it's about $3 a box.  Each box contains 3 mini-packages that are equivalent to 1/2 pound each. It's not something I buy a lot of, only when my family is coming to dinner.  LOL  They don't like eating vegan so I fool them with the vegan boca.  :-X  Don't tell!  LOL  For myself, I'm like Sharway and get my protien from beans and lentils.  Susan

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