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Junkatarian...I have become..Help!

Hello Everyone!!

I am very new to this website and I am in great need of some help.  I've been a strict vegetarian for the last 7 months and things are going down hill.  In the beginning I was losing a couple lbs and things were pretty good but now all I do is eat junk food or high fat vegan foods...

Can someone help me with some suggestions.  Instead of keeping the weight off I am now gaining weight steadily.  I know it's my fault.  I guess my concern isn't really my weight but more of my health.  I can't be getting in all the vitamins I need and multivitamins scare me.

I don't know if anyone has ever dealt with this but it seemed in the beginning I was extra cautious with what I ate and didn't know of many fattening vegan foods.  Now I'm eating Newman's O's, Soy Latte's, Oatmeal Cookies and more...

Thanks Everyone!
Tamika  :P

Perhaps you could shop once a week and do all the cleaning, slicing and storing of simple veggies to pack every day to take with you.  So every time you feel hungry you whip out a baggie of carrot sticks or celery or radishes to tide you over to the next healthy meal.

You can also pick up some lovely dried fruits and nuts and keep those in portion sized bags / tupperware for you to eat daily.  Thats packed with nutrition and if you monitor the portion sizes should help immensely.

Perhaps creating meals ahead of time and having things handy will help avoid junk food? 


I completely sympathize. I didn't gain weight as an undergrad,  seeing as how I worked out all the time, so no freshman fifteen for me...

Instead I'm now dealing with the grad student twenty. It's a direct result of my having become a sedentary "junkatarian" as well. (I'm totally yoinking that term.)

I've tried what Cali has already suggested: making and packing meals and healthy snacks in tupperwares ahead of time. I like the system, as I feel like I'm more in control of what I'm eating, but I am still have a junk food problem.  I just eat the junk food on top of whatever healthy stuff I'm eating. Not a good idea.

Good luck! Sorry for the ramble, but I totally sympathize. And I hope you find something that works for you. Why does junk food have to be so danged tasty, eh?


It's easy to fall into the junk food, convenience food rut.  I know I do.

My plan is to eat junk just one day a week.  Last night it was chinese food and ice cream (not a strict veg*n). 

It's worked so far.  I lost 13 pounds at the beginning of the year, and having my junk food day hasn't caused any weight gain. 


I do what Tweety does -- usually Friday is my junk day. It really helps keep me on track the rest of the week knowing I have a day where I can eat anything. And I manage to do it in moderation, too.


Great suggestions about "re-directing" the something sweet &/or crunchy munchies towards better choices.  Here's an idea : take a small amount of Tofutti cream cheeze and mix in a little brown sugar (or light w/a bit of molasses) and a touch of vanilla.  Slice up an apple or two and use the mix as a dip. 

Use some Vegannaise with a little chopped dill pickle in it as a savory dip for veggies. 

Dips are fabulous "coating camouflage" for foods that don't seem very special and treat-like!


I made chocolate cake last night with choco-peanut butter frosting (recipe from this site). I can't wait to have my piece of cake later, after I walk the dogs.  :D

I have to eat at least one chocolate thing a day or I will go insane. 8)


we should start a thread about vegan treat that, when in moderation, aren't that bad for you. maybe later today i'll do that.

I'm in on that one.

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