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Instant Brown Rice (Question)

I usually get the instant brown rice to save time.  One cup takes about 7 minutes to cook.  My question:  Is there truly a difference (health wise) between the regular rice that takes along time to cook and the instant?    Is the instant less healthy?

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Quoted from

"Instant rice (available in white or brown) shortens the cooking time from 20-30 minutes to five minutes. Yet, as happens so often with processed foods, you trade away some nutrition for a gain in convenience. Compared with regularly cooked rice, the instant variety has a bit less of the following nutrients (though the differences may be insignifican't): selenium, zinc, B-6, folic acid, and much of the amino acids. Instant rice also loses a bit of its texture."

The texture of regular brown rice is much better: chewy and dense with a lovely nutty taste. The instant stuff has been precooked and dried and has lost nutrients and fibre (according to several websites). Instant rice is also higher on the glycemic index. Foods low on the glycemic index (e.g. brown rice, wheat berries, etc.) help keep blood sugars stable.



P.S. I suggest cooking up a large batch of brown rice (say 5 or 6 cups) and freezing it in individual portions. Thaw and microwave or stirfry for a few minutes to enjoy brown rice any time of the day.


I cook brown rice in a pressure cooker and it takes 19
mins (after the cooker starts to let off steam). This isn't
to long. By the time all the other stuff cooks, the rice
is ready. I can make a dinner (with steamed veggies and
cooking up some tempeh) in under a 1/2 hour.  Also, the
suggestion to make a big batch and re-heat it is good.
Brown rice can be saved in the fridge for a couple of days.


I second Brad's pressure cooker! 

I bought mine specifically for brown rice and it helps greatly.  When I make a big batch I freeze it and use it anytime, but to make some fresh and steamy the pressure cooker works wonderfully.

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