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immune boosters

aby suggestions for good vegan immune system boosters, i keep catching every cold/cough/germ going at the moment and its wearing a little thin!!

thanks, bb:)

aww, that suchs! I've only been sick a couple times since eating vegan about three years ago!

From "the optimum nutrition bible" Holford:

Vitamins: A B1 B2 B6 B12 folic acid C E Iron Zinc Magnesium Selenium
so if you don't already take a multi, might be something to try.

Other things: cat's claw tea (i don't do tea, but i'm assuming it's a plant and not cat claws... :o)
grapefruit seed extract
vit c, 3 grams every 4 hours

It's an interesting book, check it out if you can. Hope that helps!


If you don't do this already, start practicing to NEVER touch your mouth or nose with your hands unless you've washe'd them first.

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