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I remember a recipe and now can't find it!

The other day I saw a recipe here for 'chicken' strips which were frozen tofu, dipped in Nayonnaise and then Shake'n'bake prior to cooking, and now I can't find it :(.

Can anyone help with this recipe as I want o try it out on my daughters for their Friday night 'junk' food meal.


is it similar to this one?

i couldnt see the one you mean, and i'm kinda 99% sure its not this one, cos the tofu isn't in strips or dipped in the nayonaise, but it has all the main features of it, and i'm sure you can adapt it- just cut the tofu smaller, omit spraying the tofu with oil, and then dip in the nayonaise before the shake and bake, and cook as per this reciepe, and i'm sure it'll turn out great!

i think half of the fun in cooking is the trying things out and experimenting- and you can always eat your mistakes!


ok, found it now... lol...

its called 'chicken nuggets' and is under 'tofu' subcategory 'baked tofu'

if you're worried about loosing it again you could try out the 'receipe box' feature.... never used it myself though, i tend to print anything i might use!
hope it tastes good!


Thank you! I tend to use recipes as inspiration instead of actually following them most of the time, so we eat some pretty weird looking, yet mostly very tasty stuff.

I like to let my elder daughter choose a meal 1 night of the week so she feels she has some input into what the family eats, and it is usually junky (which I then modify so it is healthy - though they'd never know!), but I thought i'd try them on this as it seems to be kid approved in all the reviews!

I love this website! We moved from the UK to Canada last year and have only just now (8 months later) got settled enough to get a computer for email and cyberspace exploring. I am so glad I found this site! The recipes are great, the comments and chat interesting, and it feels like a big family. (Which is completely nothing to do with the recipe! lol)


hey, also nothing to do with the recipe, but i'm from the uk too ! 'home' for me is near glastonbury in somerset, but i'm recently spending most of my time over here in canada, about 40 minutes north of toronto, ontario. i'm hoping to get around to sorting out staying here perminantly one of these days- bit of a scary task, but i'll get there!
i love this site too- you're right, it is really friendly and has a great community feel to it :-)
glad i could help, its nice to know there are some of us misplaced brits lurking around here too!

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