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hemp seed pesto

has anyone made hemp seed pesto? or had any? i have found some recipies and want to incorporate more hemp in our diets but am not sure if pesto is the right medium for it...

I haven't seen recipes but sounds intriging and would probable work well as Hemp has a lovely nutty taste. I use hemp alot, hiding it in cookies, quiches, breads and sprinkling it on salads etc. (I hide it so the children don't go "YUK" and not eat it! I don't have to hide vege's like some parents just the EFA sources!! :)) I would just find a vegan peston recipes and add hte hemp seeds in place of pine nuts  - maybe adjust quantity upwards a little.


If you have hemp hearts ( shelled hemp seeds ) blend it in, in place of some of the oil. I think I'll try that now! :) I have used them in place of the oil in some recipes. It works well and its so satisfying too! ;D


thanks everyone! I will let you know once I try it :)

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