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Healing Foods for Broken Bones

Hi everyone:

I had quite the spill on my mountain bike two days ago and broke my right arm (snapped the humerus in two, just below the joint at the shoulder... it's offset by 4-5mm so I may need surgery to realign the bone--cross your fingers that by Thursday it will have moved back in place and this won't be necessary).  Anyway, unfortunate as it may be I am prepared to deal with it-- I feel exceptionally lucky that nothing was shattered or in need of reconstruction.  I flipped over the handle bars while moving at high speed downhill (not sure how it all happened) and slammed my elbow and shoulder into some finely ground dirt-- it could very well have been a rock or tree stump I crashed into, so hurray for my landing on something flat.

So, I was wondering if there are any vegans out there who have suffered similar fates and how you recovered.  I want to really focus on nutrition over these next few weeks to give my body the tools it needs to heal itself... and I'm on the hunt for foods that will best facilitate this healing.  Any suggestions and/or comments would be greatly appreciated!  It may take me a little longer than normal to reply (one-handed typing with my left hand--I am right-handed), but I'll have loads of excess time to do so. 

Take care vegfriends,

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