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Healing Foods for Broken Bones

Hi everyone:

I had quite the spill on my mountain bike two days ago and broke my right arm (snapped the humerus in two, just below the joint at the shoulder... it's offset by 4-5mm so I may need surgery to realign the bone--cross your fingers that by Thursday it will have moved back in place and this won't be necessary).  Anyway, unfortunate as it may be I am prepared to deal with it-- I feel exceptionally lucky that nothing was shattered or in need of reconstruction.  I flipped over the handle bars while moving at high speed downhill (not sure how it all happened) and slammed my elbow and shoulder into some finely ground dirt-- it could very well have been a rock or tree stump I crashed into, so hurray for my landing on something flat.

So, I was wondering if there are any vegans out there who have suffered similar fates and how you recovered.  I want to really focus on nutrition over these next few weeks to give my body the tools it needs to heal itself... and I'm on the hunt for foods that will best facilitate this healing.  Any suggestions and/or comments would be greatly appreciated!  It may take me a little longer than normal to reply (one-handed typing with my left hand--I am right-handed), but I'll have loads of excess time to do so. 

Take care vegfriends,

ohh! dangerous! good to hear that you are okay since it sounds like it could have been really bad!

my "ultimate nutrition bible" says this about bones (i will look more for broken bones, but doesn't look like it)

for good bone and joint health:
1. reduce meat consumption (LOL got that one down!) and limit protien
2. no stimulants
3. lots of minerals from veggies, seeds, nuts

yeah...nothing about broken bones. the stuff on buises, swelling, inflamation all pretty much say to eat more or less vegan diet with lots of water. avoid spicy spices.  ??? hope that helps!



Thanks so much for the post!  That excerpt sounds much like what I've been reading on bone health over the past few days.  Reduce sugar and chocolate intake among the others.  As for foods that speed recovery, there is considerably less literature on... but it seems so far that a vegan diet is perfect for all those things that should be eliminated. I've avoided many of the calcium related articles simply b/c the RDA in North America is ridiculously high and a good indicator why we actually have a much higher rate of osteoporosis than third world countries where milk and cheese are not eaten.  So, after lots of reading, another trip to the hospital to find that I won't need surgery (yay!!!) and some special attention to my arm, I think I'll recover just fine.

Again, I really, really appreciate your post!  It was too kind of you.  Take care!


Ouch!  The body is a miracle and a healthy body will basically heal itself.

Eat just a little bit more calories than normal.  Now is not the time to diet.  Lots of anti-oxidants, which vegans get in abundance usually, especially those founds in a wide variety of colors of fruits.  vitamin C and zinc promotes healing. 

We emphasize protein with our healing trauma patients.  I would not skimp on protein sources and would try to up it for a few days for repairing the damaged tissue and bone.

Good luck.

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