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Gluten allergy -- rice flour and others? (Gluten Free - General Guidance)

After all my questions about wheat flours and sugar free breads, it turns out the biggest part of my health issues are probably related to a gluten allergy.   :'(  

I'm supposed to try 6 months of a gluten free diet to see if I see any improvement.  The first 3 1/2 months are supposed to be brown rice, lots of fresh veggies and lots of fresh fruit.  

Does anyone know of any online source of brown rice flour?
Thanks in advance :)


sending happy thoughts to you. if it does turn out to be gluten... i know it must seem awful now, but i can't have gluten either, and its not so bad really- if you feel better without it, its worth it, lol.

there are loads of gluten free malls online where you can get tonnes of different flours, and things like cookies and cake mixes and rice pastas, and loads of supermarkets and healthfood stores carry loads of gluten free stuff nowadays, so once you get used to it, i promise it wont be as bad as you think its going to be, in the long run!

i know you're on a restricted diet right now, but for later-i assume someone's told you about how gluten is hidden in a lot of things- and to look out for it in caramel food colourings, soy sauce, unspecified starches, etc, in packaged foods and random things like baking powder.

anyway, i don't want to overwhelm you, so i'll shut up now! you'll get the hang of it!

so yep.... i'm sending those happy thoughts :)


My mom has a gluten allergy, too.  It's really tough, but it gets better.  If you have a farmer's market, common market, or Trader Joe's around you, they have a lot of gluten-free foods.  The common market by me has a whole aisle, and most if not all the foods are vegan too!



I just recieved 50 lbs of brown rice flour from them at a cost of $42.68, along with 50 lbs semolina flour for $35.03, not what you are interested in, but just for information. Total shipping for both items from California to Mississippi came to $4.49. I was astounded at the low shipping cost, the speed of delivery as well as the costs of the products. Now, how to store them, vacuum sealed bags, jars, etc. Hope this helps.

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