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freezing roasted veggies

so here is my question...its actually 2 questions but kinda the same thing in reverse?!  ???

1. I like roasted eggplant and squash, but being by myself I can't eat it that fast without really just eating it for a couple days straight. How well do these freeze? I've frozen roasted red peppers before and that worked. Anyone try freezing our softer veggie friends?

2. What about roasting frozen veggies? I buy a lot of frozen veggies b/c it's cheaper and easier to have more variety. Can these be roasted in the oven? or will they just be mush? I'm thinking about cauliflower, potatoes, peppers and onions...

Thanks for any experiences. In the past i would have just done it and found out, but I tend to loose too many tasty things due to this method...  :'(

Hope this helps:

1. I've had success freezing soft roasted veggies like eggplant in a Tupperware container filled with veggie broth. Just add enough to cover. This way they don't have a "freezer" taste and they retain more flavour. You could technically freeze the veggies alone, but they might come out mushy and flavourless.

2. Roasting frozen veggies is really iffy, since the vegetables have already been peeled, washed, and possibly blanched. Frozen vegetables also retain more water and are almost always mushy when thawed. After thawing, roasting would have no effect since the sugars in the vegetables would be diluted. Roasting basically caramelizes sugars, and although you would be doing this in the oven, the end product would be just a little less mushy than if you steamed them. I would stick with roasting fresh vegetables.



aww, thanks for the advice. i had a feeling that was the case, since frozen vegs can be sketch at times, so i'll have to wait to roast until later, when stuff is in season  :'(

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