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foot hummus

i bought some premade organic hummus from the store. usually i buy athenos brand, but this time i went out on an organic limb...and it tasted like feet. I had a similar experience about 2 years ago with a dry hummus package (ie just add water) and that tasted like feet. I was hecka bummed. Is this normal, abnormal, or am i just used to a certain brand of hummus? I know this is stupid, but now im scared of other brands! help?

I've had this problem with home-made hummus, so I can offer some suggestions: A) The garbanzos may have been old. If you keep them too long they get a musty taste about them, like a closed room. The company who made the hummus may have bought garbanzos that had been in storage for over a year. 2)Too much tahineh or the wrong kind. I find the tahineh sold at the local healthfood store has a different flavour from the one I bought at the Asian market; one was made here and the other in China. Tastes differ across cultures, I'm sure. And probably product origin does too, just like the same russet potato tastes different grown here as in the States. C) Too much garlic can make hummus unpleasant, I find that after it stands a couple of hours the flavours are much more pronounced. So even if yours was "store bought", the maker's taste is probably different to yours...try another brand or stick with the one you like. Also try making your own.
Personally I find the instant-envelope products do tend to be disappointing...I guess it's a trade, quick and easy for good and tasty. :-\


i have had very bad luck with store-bought hummus too, though for me, the texture is always more or less "off" and each jar i buy seems runnier than the first!

does anyone have a good recipe? maybe i should just try making it at home >.>;


Hey here is my hummus recipe that has been a hit ever since I can remember:

1 can chick peas/garbanzo beans
juice from one lemon
1 tsp salt
1 clove garlic
1 Tblsp Tahini/Sesame oil

Strain the juice from chick peas into a cup. Add the chick pea and other ingredients to a blender. Blend until smooth. (Add a little bit of the chick pea juice if the blender is having a tough time.) It takes literally 5 minutes and it's the best hummus you'll ever have! (I also love to add a couple roasted red peppers and basil, or some pre-made pesto)



to me athenos tastes bland and kind of generic
except for the spicy three pepper flavour, that one is alright, but the hummus under the pepper flavour is still kinda generic tasting

hummus is easy to make, and you can adjust the levels of lemon(less is more), tahini(go REAL easy on this, it gets stronger in the fridge) and garlic(once again, start conservatively) to your own tastes
also dont forget the extra virgin olive oil drizzled over the hummus to add flavour and keep it from drying out in the fridge

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