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Favorite potato salad recipe?

DH has requested 'hot dogs', grilled veggies, potato salad, jalapeno poppers, and cheesecake for his first Father's Day.  I typically make a Middle Eastern potato salad that is in a vinaigrette, but I'm looking for something more traditional and creamy for this weekend.

Both of us absolutely despise mayo, so I plan to substitute thinned sour cream for the sauce. 

Please post or link to recipes.  I don't mind veganizing a non-vegan version, if that isn't something that makes the forum admins mad. 

Not that they have any right to say anything with their non-vegan angel food cake on the July 4th tab.

I really enjoy the potato salad that's in Veganomicon, but I always modify as I go so it's never quite the same. I love the addition of cucumbers, and I load mine with tons of dill, shredded carrot and minced red onion.


well i will shamelessly plug mine (tho i'm a vegan mayo whore) Simple Potato Salad No Weird Stuff

vegweb's jalapeno popper recipe is totally legit

my fave cheesecake recipe so far:

i wish i could go sounds yummmmm


I have no problem with plugging my own recipes!  ;)
If  you hate the whole mayo taste and texture thing, try this one.
I was surprised on rereading the recipe to see that someone added two types of peppers. Just use green bell peppers, there are no red bell peppers in the original recipe.

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