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fake meat

i used to shun fake meat, but it's grown on me and now i need suggestions and recommendations. i know a lot (most/all?) of morningstar products are not vegan, but gardenburger makes a mean breakfast sausage patty! i've also seen Yves products, among others. i live in pretty veg-friendly area, so i have many options when it comes to this. recommend away

and thank you in advance

i don't buy them...except for fake hotdogs every once in a while. i think they are called not dogs. there are also the tofu pups. i like the not dogs a little more but covered in tastey mustard they are both great. they both make great vegan bageldogs.

i usually make my fake "meat" the tempheh sausage crumbles from vegan with a vengance...or seitain...mostly because i like to cook a lot and i'm cheap  ;D


wow, i just found this local health food store that stocks an absurd amount of fake meat! i picked up a pepper steak, some chicken strips, fake crab legs and abolone! i can't wait to whip these up

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