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Dry Beans Q!

I finally managed to buy a bag of kidney beans and can't wait to soak and cook them because they are healthier than the canned beans. Now for the questions: 1) When cooking the beans after soaking, do you stir the beans at all or just let them boil until they soften? And 2) once they are finished cooking, can they be refrigerated, or do they have to be frozen? ???

1) You do not need to stir the beans as they cook.  I have a package of garbanzo beans that actually tells me not to stir them "Note: Boil beans gently and stir very little to prevent breaking of skins" I would assume this would apply to kidney beans too.

2) You can refrigerate cooked beans for maybe 5-7 days after cooking.  For longer storage, freeze them--they freeze beautifully.  I generally store 2 cups of cooked beans per frozen package because most bean recipes call for a can of beans (which is a little less than 2 cups).

Just an aside: I recently bought a pressure cooker, mainly to cook dry beans more quickly and it is truly a wonderful purchase.  If you find that you enjoy your dry beans and are cooking them often like I do, it may be a worthwhile use of your money.



We had this: discussion a while ago... Someone listed a link about properly cooking kidney beans...who knew?!?  :o



im scared of pressure cookers  :(


after soaking them overnight, you don't put them on a constant boil for one or two hours, right?

i work at a grocery store and people are always buying beans in a bag but i never knew how much preparation goes into getting them ready to eat. i'd like to buy them though because they are really cheap.


You can soak beans overnight OR cover with boiling water and allow to stand, covered, for 1 hr and then cook as usual. If using a pressure pan, consult the manual, but I find 20 min is usually enough. I haven't boiled them the oldfashioned way but DH says it takes between 1-2 hrs depending on the beans. White beans (navy beans) tend to cook quicker than black or red ones, for some reason. Or in the crockpot, put your seasoned beans in the bottom and then add any veg, then your liquid and let them cook, 5-8 hrs on low or 4-5 on High. Beans are lovely food, no cholesterol, and if you change the soaking water before you cook them, they're less "musical" too...You know what I mean... ;)


Hi! Thanks to all of your feedback I managed to successfully cook my kidney beans! The aroma from the beans filled the kitchen and it was such a comforting smell that I didn't even bother to season my beans.  The resulting taste was a bowl-full of hearty beans, much more enjoyable than the canned brands I have been using. I opted to keep the soaking water as the same water with which to cook the beans because I heard that if you replace the soaking water with fresh water, then some of the nutrients become lost. Thanks again everyone! I will be buying dry beans from now on!  :)

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