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Cheesey Problem

Hey, everytime i want to make pizza, vegan style there is allways the "cheese" dilima and i don't know but i am guessing that many of you face the same problem. The shortage of vegan cheeses. Okay, yes there are vegan cheeses out there but maybe you don't have the money to buy it/time to go get it,or they are not located near you/or just don't like them, well when i was making my pizza i found a recipe for some yummy cotage cheese, okay it may not be striny or gooey, but i think it is still yummy Dosent hurt anything living in the process!, i did make some allterations to it but here is the link anyways- ...i Halfed the recipe and instead of using the garlic i used garlic salt,one little shake(all i had in), and diddent use the 2 t mild barley miso,1 T tarragon,1 T chives, and in replace of the herbs i used Oregano and sprinkled some onion powder in to. Now i am sure you can probley use other herbs too or even the ones listen, but when i made it it was YUMMY! If anyone eles has Cheese recipes for pizza Come and share them!
Thanks, and hope your pizza tates devine! :D ;D

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