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Cashew ricotta

I tried cashew ricotta in a vegan calzone :)>>> I thought it was great.

Here's one recipe that I found
I didn't try the recipe out yet though.

The cheese in Isa's "Mac & Shews" * I think tastes a lot like ricotta. It's a cashew-based cheeze but with sauerkraut involved. I used it a few weeks ago to make a lasagna, and it was amazing.


In the finished product, I don't think it tastes at all like sauerkraut, but its influence is definitely there. Like you said, it's more a tang that's not always present in a cashew cheese. It also lends that "aged" quality that was the inspiration for using it.

I will note that before it goes in the oven, it doesn't taste amazing, but after it comes out (either in the mac 'n' cheese or lasagna), it's delicious.

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