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Carrot Cake, Anyone?

When it comes to baking my knowledge is scant, but I would like to make a cake soon and am looking for a relatively healthy but equally delicious vegan carrot cake recipe that will exceed the expectations of vegans and non-vegans alike.  I've seen some recipes listed on this site but can't seem to choose between them.  Suggestions?

eh, i made this one last week. my nonveg friend really liked it and i thought it was decent. it was good with some powdered sugar on it. i used this recipe because most of the other ones had too much stuff in them i didn't have (juice, pineapples, apples, frenchfries, whatever... ::))

i left comments for it...i think i recommend not adding the salt since the bakin' soda takes care of the sodium levels  :-X but it makes a nice cake.

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