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Camping Food Ideas and Recipes

hi all
My partner and I will be cycle touring for 2 weeks next month, self-supported. I'd like to make some tasty, yet easy, meals. I'm leaning towards the kind that you premake at home and just add one or two ingredients at camp. We'll be able to buy some supplies en route.
Any ideas? We'll have a camp stove, pot, pan.


Thanks for the Tasty Bites idea.  TJs has some fully cooked brown rice that I just tested and it works well with the Punjab Eggplant.  TJs also has a multigrain Pilaf that is good – right out of the bag.  All these things require no cooking, require no refrigeration, and are vegan (just what I am looking for).

I'll be backpacking soon and this thread has a lot of good ideas.  I will be bringing whole fruit, dried fruit, but no nuts - too much fat.  I would love to bring sweet potatoes - but there won't be a camp fire - just a small backpacking stove.  It makes me sad.... I eat them all the time.  Oh well.  I might cook some and bring them for the first day...

One thing I haven’t found a lot of is dried vegetables.  I normally eat a lot more greens and vegetables than grains and beans when I am home.  So I am planning to try bringing some collard greens and see what happens.

If anyone has any new ideas... please post it here...
Thanks :)


My local Sunspot carries little baggies of "vegetable chips" that are pretty basic--dehydrated green beans, sweet potatoes, etc. I've taken that stuff backpacking and mixed it in with rice and beans, pasta, etc., or just eaten them as "chips" on the trail. It's a good way to make sure you get your vitamins and stuff. It's also a lot cheaper and easier than buying a food dehydrator (although I really want one of those!). If you don't have a Sunspot or they don't carry those, there's also a brand of dehydrated foods at different natural foods stores that come in little plastic containers, but I forget the name of it, and I can't seem to find it online... I've seen them at Sunspot, Whole Foods, and other smaller chains. Mostly I think they focus on dried fruit, but I've seen containers of corn, peas, and other veggies. You could toss those in with just about anything you're cooking, with a little extra water to help rehydrate them.



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