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Camping Food Ideas and Recipes

hi all
My partner and I will be cycle touring for 2 weeks next month, self-supported. I'd like to make some tasty, yet easy, meals. I'm leaning towards the kind that you premake at home and just add one or two ingredients at camp. We'll be able to buy some supplies en route.
Any ideas? We'll have a camp stove, pot, pan.

Vegetarian chili! I make it beforehand (that's probably cheating), and then just re-heat it over the camp stove or fire. With some bread (also baked at home beforehand, lol) it's so yummy outside, under the stars, in front of a fire. Yum! Plus, it goes well with beer.  ;)


I've had good luck with "just add water" types of things.  Couscous, oatmeal, dehydrated black bean dip, if you shop at anywhere that does bulk foods.

I like PB and crackers to sop up some of the beer  :D

Have fun!


oooooo, I just logged on to find out that very same thing!

I'm leaving in 3 days for a music festival, but we aren't allowed to have campfires, glass, or knives, so I need ready-made things.

Perhaps the breakfast bars, but I just made them over the weekend, and don't think they'll hold up that well outside of the fridge.

Also, would vegan bread that is pre-sliced go stale in 4 days?

I am planning on taking couscous (already made, tastes great cold- tabouleh!), peanut butter, bread, veggies, raisins, nuts, granola bars,  hummus and fruit.  Lots of snacky-type things that you can eat as is.  I'm not much of a hot-food eater anyway.

Have fun at your festival!!!


I bring a stove every year, because my festival is in the fall and every few years it pours rain.  The stove is nice to have then.  If it's not raining, it doesn't get turned on - even if I brought things to heat.  Oh, I forgot, make sure to bring plenty of water.  That's what we run out of first.


This is a recipe for Bannock. I tried to submit this last year but I don't think it ever got posted...I'll have to try again. Anyways, the really cool thing about this is that you can mix up all the dry ingredients & keep them in a ziploc type bag & when you're ready to make them, just add the water.

3/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup quick oats
1/4 cup corn meal
You can mess around a bit with these amounts but it should total around 1 1/2 cups.
2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
handful of raisons
caraway seeds-according to taste
1 cup water
Mix all the dry ingredients, add water & blend to a moist dough. Spray a frying pan with cooking spray & pour in the batter. Cook over low heat for approximately 10-15 minutes. Carefully flip over & cook another 10-15 minutes until golden brown. It's great at breakfast or for a snack. Yummy hot or cold.

I'm always changing this recipe. Instead of raisons & caraway seeds, add sliced apples & cinnamon or blueberries mmmm  Try different kinds of dried fruit.. ..Chopped dates makes it real sweet & my son loves it with chocolate chips.


Thanks for all the helpful tips/ideas!  I'm working on a list now and I'll probably stick with no-cook things like fruits/veggies, hummus, trail mix, granola bars - things that I can put in my backpack to carrry around with me.  This will be my first 3 day festival and I'm totally exicted!  ;D


these are all great ideas i have a similar situation in august my family is going to cape cod any suggestions for "manners' at a restaurant that your not eating at. My mother makes me bring something with me to dinner because I can never find anything veggie on the fishy greasy unappealing menus

Any suggestions for something besides pb&j that I can bring with me on the trip for bike rides, days at the beach, swimming, campfires, to dinner, the whole nine yards

we are renting a cottage but its hard to get food to carry all the way to eastham and the closest trader joes is in hyannis 25 miles away


Just add water hummus is good too. Also, I usually pack pita bread versus regular bread because it seems to be a bit more durable.


For how long will you be staying on Cape Cod?  Will you be out every day?  What types of lunches do you normally eat?  Will you be eating in restaurants for all lunches and dinners or just some?  Will there be a refrigerator/freezer in the cabin?


For how long will you be staying on Cape Cod?  Will you be out every day?  What types of lunches do you normally eat?  Will you be eating in restaurants for all lunches and dinners or just some?  Will there be a refrigerator/freezer in the cabin?

we are staying for 1 week and we are out and about all day seeing the sites
ive been eating a lot of soup lately and occasionally some kind of sandwich (unfortunately usually peanut butter im trying to open my options but idk im really sick of pb need some help in that area too you all do so much for me and i only just started on vegweb)
some lunches are eaten out and all dinners are eaten out
there is a refrigerator there in the cabin
thanks for your help hear from you very soon


Salsa, guacamole, tortillas to make grilled veggie tacos?


Anytime I backpack or camp, I dehydrate beans and rice before I leave.  I know you said you were going "no cook" style, but if you have a camp stove, the beans and rice make for a nice filling dinner (if you rehydrate for 5 min or so, It takes very little time to warm).  I usually change it up (esp. car camping) with salsa or by making it into a burrito. 

I also made these recently for camping.
They were great!  (or you could just buy Larabars....they are hard to come by here)


thanks for all the great ideas if anyone can think of anything else i will most enjoy hearing it!


many fruits and veggies will be fine to take if you keep them whole and when wanted make most any dish you want    there are also a ton of soups you can take  sicilian  bean soup is like a once a week thing for me it is so good


Hi guys,

I am leaving for the Adirondacks on Sunday with Cali.  I am the only non meat eater.  There will be anywhere between 6 and 10 people over the period of the two weeks.  I have prepared 6 meals for Cali and have frozen the food.  She needs 13 meals but things don't stay frozen that well.  I may risk making her more food and asking the local trading post if I can rent a little space in their freezer.  Anyway, she is not the problem.  I am!  Due to the large amount of adults and teenagers, they make many one pot meals with meat in them.  Coleman stove, two burners. 
I am ovo lacto so I am preparing and bringing my homemade Mac & Cheese for everyone, the night I arrive.  Breakfasts are easy as I will be bringing cereal and toast and peanut butter, I love.  Lunches are easy too as we do sandwiches etc. 
I have been invited on this trip and as it is a yearly ritual for the others, I am not the one to make everyone stop eating meat. 
I know I could do things on the Coleman but I would actually like to eat with everyone.  Not have them prepare their meal, sit down and eat while I cook something.
I honestly don't know what to do.  Just lots of tomato sandwiches?  My cooler will be pretty full with things for Cali.  I do eat eggs and will be bringing organic, free range hen eggs but eggs only last so long in a cooler before I worry about them.  I will bring some veggie burgers etc but I have 14 nights of dinner and most of the 14 nights will be meat based.
Maybe this is the time I try to eat healthier and bring up lots of cans of beans and eat much fruit?
The little trading post has food but probably nothing veggie.  They probably do have cottage cheese and I can eat cottage cheese and fruit in it every night?  Of course, a steady diet of potato chips might work too? :-)
My other option is to buy a hibachi and grill a veggie burger and potatoes and veggies every night.  Will have to buy a lot of charcoal.  I honestly don't know what to do and am at a loss.  If they didn't do one pot meals, I would be happy with just the veggies.

HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance,



Pshaw.  Bring bread, jarred hummus for lazy convenience if you can stand it, and veggies... including, if you want, rehydrateable hiker meals you can find at good health food shops.  They're so lightweight and some of them are yummy... chili and such.

Everything is scrumptious over a fire, especially roasted veggies.  How about those little foil packets of potatoes, onions, carrots, and peppers that the campfire girls used to make?  They're divine!  Or corn on the cob... roast right in the husks.  Make enough to share or prepare for jealous omnis to hover around you plaintively whining.

This sounds like FUN.


are they bringing any sauces or condiments?  maybe you could pack according to what theyre bringing.  it'll lighten your load, and itll be like you're all sharing food, even if its just condiments.  For instance, if theyre bringing italian dressing (or oil and vinegar), roasted veggies and bean salad would taste rather yummy using their dressing.  If they're bringing bar b q or ketchup for their burgers (ew) you could bring tofu and marinade/roast it for a sandwich.


maybe some just add water stuff like couscous, chili, soups, (i cant remember the brand? if i think of it ill let you know)


im sure everyone would enjoy good old haystacks omnis and not


Two weeks.  Car camping food.  14 days.  Have you thought about using dry ice?  If you eat each thing four times, you'll need three items per category.  This is where home canning would come in handy.  I can, but I don't have a pressure canner, so I can't make soups.

Starch & Fat:
1.  French bread with butter and garlic powder
2.  Instant potatoes with butter and an herb blend
3.  Tortillas, corn or flour

Fruit & Veggies:
1.  Oranges, apples with peanut butter
2.  Celery with peanut butter
3.  Bell peppers

1.  Seitan O'Greatness (first few days) chunked over pasta or make sandwich with French bread or wrap in tortilla
2.  Soy or seitan jerkey to mix with bullion & frozen, sliced veggies to make soup
3.  Some Indian-style or backpacking-style foil pouch meals with high protein

If they do smores (my friends haven't grown out of them), bring some graham crackers, ricemellow, and mini chocolate chips.

Through in some cans of soup or other room temperature food item.

Firepit cooking:
If they'll have a fire going, you can wrap potatoes or sweet potatoes in foil and roast them the evening before.


Thanks everyone!

I know I am one of the few but I hate Hummus.  Love chick peas though.  Go figure.

My dear sweet BF told me tonight he has a little one burner thing that uses little Coleman bottles of propane.  Funny thing is I gave him the propane when I first met him, before we started seeing each other because I thought I had no use for it.  He is lending me the little one burner thing.

So, beware my fellow campers!  I am going to prepare meals on the one burner thing.  I have also noted all your suggestions and am totally grateful. 

I also know my sister will try to prepare veg friendly meals for me but everyone takes turns.  Considering she is not vegetarian, whenever I visit her, she cracks open the vegetarian cookbooks I have given her over the years and makes amazing meals for my visits.  She loves to cook! 

She has never complained and even when I visit and they BBQ, my brother in law turns on both sides of the BBQ and cooks my veggie stuff on the other side.  He sometimes cracks jokes but has never made me feel bad.  He even uses a separate turner thing.  She always makes veg friendly meals when I visit.

He used to tease me about home cooking for my critters but again, never made me feel bad.  When one of his best friends dogs got into antifreeze when someone was babysitting them while they were on vacation, he called me and asked me if I could please send him what I cook for the animals because his friends dog's hated the prescription diet.  Their kidneys were so severely damaged, one of the little yorkies passed away within a couple of months.  The other one, lived about three years on my home cooking ideas.  Not bad considering he passed away at 14 and was living on next to no kidney ability.  Made me realize my BIL didn't think I was so crazy after all. 

My sister, I am sure has given thought to me being invited on this trip and will do her best too see that I eat.

We will also be celebrating my birthday while I am away.  I am sure they will leave that night to July 20th (we leave on the 21st) because my birthday isn't until the 30th.  None the less, Cathy lives five hours away from me and we never see each other on each other's birthday.

Cali and I are truly excited.  I am hugely excited because Cali is still with me and will be able to see Fish Creek, a place very special to my heart.

I am going to find something of Isabela's this week and when I am walking through the woods with Cali, will bury it and say a little prayer or blessing. 

I so loved her.  Cali still needs to heal more so I am going to take her natural supplements that helped her and put her on them again.  This will also give me time to bond more with her.  I love her and I know she loves me but she still has issues with her time in the shelter.  When I get home, I am having an animal communicator talk to her.  Housebreaking has been truly difficult and crate training her is not an issue.  I tried that when I got her and she ripped her face up trying to get out of confinement.  She actually bent the metal bars with her face.

I have been so stressed lately with the home renovations, the stuff happening at work and life in general.  This will be a great healing time for both Cali and me.  I am going to read 'Skinny Bitch' while there and will suggest everyone read it!

I will truly miss my BF and will have no means of communication with him.  As well, I will miss all of you guys and will have much to read when I get back.

You guys have been truly great. 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


P.S.  Tin, I hope you find some peace with your visit with your dad.  In the last week, I found out my favourite uncle has 2 to 5 months, one of my best friend's sister in law passed away three nights ago of brain cancer.  She had breast cancer and they thought they caught it but it spread to her brain.  Within two weeks of being diagnosed, she died.  She would have been 47 on July 21st.  Then tonight, I heard a friend of mine's husband passed away last night of a massive heart attack.  He was probably around 55.
My uncle also has brain cancer.  He had lung cancer a couple of years ago and they said they had got it all.  Whether this is new cancer or cancer that spread, we will never know.

On a bright note, I picked up Cali and my life jacket's at the post office tonight. 



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