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B12 in Nutritional Yeast?

My recently converted (whoo!) vegetarian friend told me that she read in a book that vitamin B12 can be found in nutritional yeast-"another option is to add nutritional yeast to your food; one to two teaspoons contains a week's dietary requirement of the vitamin. Check the package to make sure it supplies B12." I checked to copyright date (1996) and wanted to ask; this would probably settle many people's worries about getting that tricky vitamin. It seems the scientific community is always changing their minds and coming out with new conflicting studies, thought this would be the place to look for answers!

Red Star Nutritional yeast contains B-12 along with a few other vitamins/minerals.  It makes good "cheese" sauces or just sprinkle it on for a nutty/"cheesy" flavor. 


luv me some nut yeast <3

ya i heard it has B12... eat up :)


I had never heard of nutritional yeast until I became vegan and was researching various health aspects of my diet.  I ran across many vegan books that mention B12 and Red Star Nutritional Yeast.  I found it at the Whole Foods Coop bulk section.  Funny thing, but I thought a serving was going to be this huge amount so I scooped up a whole bag full of it.  The cashier at checkout eyed me funny.  When I saw that a serving was like 2T I burst out laughing.  This stuff is going to last me a looooong time lol.
ps. I love the "cheese" sauce and use it often, on baked potatoes, pasta dishes, cooked vegetables..


thanks...just another excuse to eat (vegan) mac n cheese  ;D

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