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ad on this site for barbequed real meat!

What's up with that?  It was on the right side under the large rectangle ad and then some smaller ones with links.

How did that get on here?  I went to it to check it out and there were REAL pictures of ham and other pieces of dead animal.

Is this the work of a troll?
Delia                  ???

Thanks for the heads-up. The Google ads on the right are chosen by Google based upon, amoung many other factors, the keywords of the given page. It could be that someone asked about a substitute for ham somewhere which caused Google to compute that ads for ham were appropriate. We've added the word "ham" to our filter list, which includes many other variations of dead animals. It will take a couple of hours for the system to update itself with the new restriction.

FYI, we will usually read your question pertaining to VegWeb site stuff quicker if you use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the VegWeb home page at:

Thanks again.

Best wishes,
Yvette Ehler


Try not to freak out.  As Yvette says the administration doesn't always get to control the ads.  Remember the ads, while maybe a pain is what keeps the site free. 

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