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Vegan Waffle Party 5/23/09

"Our event is on Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S., which we again feel is fitting given the likely connection between different types of violence. Memorial Day is a time of reflection regarding the myriad people who have suffered and lost their lives in human conflict, along with the families who have sacrificed alongside them. Waffle parties are partially about removing some of the unnecessary violence from the human lifestyle, i.e., our current means of relating to other sentient beings. Because suppressing our recognition of one type of violence may make it easier to suppress others, adjusting the way in which we relate to non-human animals may be a key step toward establishing more harmonious human relations. Waffle parties help us to celebrate the possibilities for a more sustainable, healthy and peaceful future, while also generating awareness."

I don't have a waffle iron. Can I have a pancake party instead?

That's me and the boy's anniversary - we'll probably be eatin' pancakes anyway...


You know what's funny?  My boy is coming to visit that weekend, and he was planning to bring a waffle iron so we can make waffles.  So I guess I'll be participating indirectly.  :)

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