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Toronto Veg Food Fair! this weekend at the harbourfront centre!!!! anyone going? I will be there tomorrow :)

You didn't have any responses.  How many of us represent the greater Toronto area?


I'm sure there are many...maybe they just don't post. :P


I am close the Toronto area. I don't post much (hence the user name :) ).
I went  to the fair, I didn't get to hear any of the speakers but was impressed by the vendors and the turn out. Unfortunately I brought a PMSing meat-eater and she was indeed a party-pooper!


I'm in the Tdot!!!! I dunno how I missed this...hhmmmm...mind, I don't usually check out the events page.

I did go to the Veg Fair AND my parents came for the first time AND they ate fake meat for the first time AND they didn't fall over dead like they thought they would. It was a big step in our relationship so that was really cool for them to be able to come and check out what;s important in my life. It was a good fair. I am poor and so couldn't buy the fun things I wanted to, but it was still cool. The Junction Arts Fest (Dundas West and High Park) was that weekend, it was really great as well.

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