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Texas Folklife Festival

This week is the 37th Annual Texas Folklife Festival happens in San Antonio.  We went year before last, but couldn't go last year because I had my thyroid surgery a few days before it.  I was looking at their schedule and the menus listed for the food vendors and found three vendors where I can get vegetarian food! 

18 LEBANESE ST. GEORGE MARONITE CHURCH will have a falafel sandwich, tabouli, "Hummous"  ;) and olives with pita

25 TURKISH AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF SAN ANTONIO offers a "Combo plate, vegetarian:  piyez, dolma, baklava"  (the baklava has honey in it so I might give that to my DH)

VIETNAMESE 24 LOTUS FLOWER TEMPLE is only selling vegetarian food:  Vegetarian Spring Rolls and Vegetarian Fried Rice.

There may be other stuff that I overlooked but that will be a bonus.  I'm so thrilled to know that I won't be eating only Clif or Luna bars that I bring there.

If you're nearby, the festival is a lot of fun.  Lots of ethnic dancing and exhibits, a roving juggler and lots of music, too.

this sounds funnn  i wish iowa had a folklife festival... the one in seattle looks wayyy fun.. at least the videos on youtube are always fun to watch::  if the one in texas has people anywhere near inkwell rhythm makers.. i am way jealous.   
Take picturessss! and videosssssss if there are fun musical happenings :) 
grr i wish i was in texas now


Our video camera is very old and heavy.  I'll take some still pictures.  There are a lot of videos on YouTube from past festivals:

Btw, I hope you were no where near the tornadoes that hit Iowa! 

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