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San Fran!!

Hey my vegwebber buddies. 

So I'm finally planning a trip to san fran Nov. 7- Nov. 11? and since i know many of you went for the sconefest :( ( cos i wasnt able to go)  Do you have any suggestions as to where I MUST go??  places to eat, places to visit, etc.  Any suggestions would be awesome :)  Thanks!!

eta: also if anyone wants to meet up and grab some foods, that would be cool too :)

OMG.  Millenium is one of the best vegan places in the United States, hands down.  It's not cheap, but consistently wins awards.  Golden Era has outstanding Chinese food, and is quite affordable.  Fields is wonderful, elegant.  I think they serve fish, but other veg'n.  If you like art, go to the Museum of Modern Art.  Good stuff.  Check out the Haight district for kicks - great history there, but so commercialized now.  Still, it's almost a requirement of any San Fran trip.

I wish I could go with you! 

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