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Recent Grad Looking for a Job! The Bay Area! We'd Have a Story to Tell!

Hello Everyone!

I am a recent college graduate with a major in Political Science and minor in Chinese language looking for work. I know it's such a tough market right now, and so I thought maybe someone who was hiring in the Bay Area would see this, be intrigued and consider my social/cultural/moral consciousness relating to my eating philosophy as one (of many) reasons to consider me a prime candidate for the position they  have available. I worked for a U.S. Senator last year and also worked for a nonprofit for over 3.5 years in member services. I have plenty of office experience and am just looking for a foot in the door/interview. I would love to work somewhere where I could connect my passion for veganism with my job but it's not necessary.
I have an excellent sense of humor and am a great whole foods vegan cook and would love to work for you (or your friend or acquaintance).

If anyone wants to use this as an excuse to begrudge the current economic situation, I would not blame you.

Thanks for reading and hopefully this gets me a job! Come on Veggies! Let's stick together in times like these!
PS- I'm willing to relocate!


It was worth a try!

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