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Portland Area Celebrity Vegan Chef is looking for an Intern!!

Vegan Blog and Website Intern

I am looking for an intern to work with me personally
I have written best selling vegan cookbooks
Have dozens of vegan related websites
Am continually creating courses, recipes, tips and articles in the vegan space
You must have the following skills:
English written skills
Blogging skills esp using WordPress
Knowledge and skills in the Vegan lifestlye areas
Knowledge of how websites work for affiliates, banners and other monetization styles

You will work directly with me as my intern and I promise you a dynamic, interesting and fun ride together

Please respond ONLY if you possess the drive and passion to help us succeed in our enterprises
As well as ALL the skills mentioned above

Hmmmm...... wonder who it could be?  ^-^

Why would anyone have dozens of websites on a single topic?


one for each cook book?

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