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Los Angeles Vegan Meet-up ... Friends, Fun and Fluffernutter dessert

I was thinking of going to this Vegan Meet-up Saturday, Sept. 26 at 5 p.m. at The Must Bar in downtown L.A. , 118 W. 5th Street, (5th@ Spring St.).
Drinks and a tempting Fluffernutter Vegan dessert on the menu.

Anyone interested in going?

Fluffernutter – Smoked almond & roasted peanut butter, marshmallow fluff and bananas on grilled brioche with dark chocolate ganache $10

Anyone interested in going?

More details below and on this Facebook link.

Los Angeles Vegan Drinks 1 Year Anniversary Party!!! We found a cool bar downtown called The Must Bar that has a number of impressive VEGAN items on the menu, from Simple salad / Farmers Market Veggies / General Tso Fu (must get the tofu grilled or plain they use egg to bater it) / tater tots / soft pretzel / and portobella sliders (must get on the vegan bread) & they have a Vegan Fluffernutter Dessert. Its a beer and wine place with seemingly every wine also offered by the glass. Check out the menu's here - http://www.themustbar...
http://www.themustbar... (We need help sorting out the vegan wines! If anyone can pin point a few sure bets that would be awesome!)
http://www.themustbar... (ditto)

No cover charge - just show up and socialize!

P.S. Welcome back Lex! (Thanks!)

Jason and I previewed the Must Bar this Saturday and its a really hip venue. There are plenty of garages and meters to park at. The best part is the happy hour menu! $3 beers and glasses of wine and deals on tater tots and soft pretzels! Incredible prices! We are going to have a blast!

We'd also like to point out that the LA/Santa Monica Walk For Animals is earlier this day. (10am Santa Monica City Hall) http://www.walkforfar... Here is the flier.

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