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It's POTLUCK TIME!! May 9th - Latham (Albany) NY!

It's that time again... POTLUCK TIME!!

We're planning a potluck for Sunday, May 9th at 1 pm - ???

People of all dietary ilks welcome, (friends, family, significant others, etc...) but all food must be vegan so all can enjoy it.

Bring your own plate, cup and utensils to cut down on landfill fill, and bring some tupperware to load up on leftovers!

The grill can be fired up if the weather is nice and we want to cook out. Otherwise, no theme, just delicious food free-for-all. If you know what you're bringing post ahead of time so we don't get 8 trays of hummus.

Post and let me know if you're planning on attending and I'll PM you the address, as I'm not big on public posting of my home address :p

I am planning on attending though unsure just what exactly I will be in the mood to bring.  Will try to con a friend into attending too but that is probably unlikely to happen.

The only thing that might throw me off is that some friends are in the state for the month of May and may want to get together, though I dont have a date yet.  Will try to keep the 9th free though!

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