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Holistic Community Fair & Keynote by Dr. Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute

Get ready to experience the life changing power of Health & Vitality!

Dr. Clement, will discuss 50 years of clinical research, explore quantum biology and will reveal to us how to create and embrace a life we love!

  • Elevate your Levels of Health & Energy
  • Learn about Living Foods Nutrition
  • Rejuvenate Your Body & Mind
  • Boost Immunity
  • Reverse Chronic Illness

 Learn about the Lifeforce of living foods and the unlimited potential of humans to reverse disease, gain clarity, increase sexual vitality, and renew energy! 


Dr. Brian R. Clement has directed the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute for more than three decades.  He is internationally recognized for his relentless pursuit of complimentary health methods that support recovery and prevention of disease.  Dr. Clement has spearheaded the international progressive health movement.  

In his role as educator, Dr. Clement has conducted countless seminars, lectures, and educational programs in more than forty countries.  His ideas on natural health, along with his vast theoretical and practical scientific experience, have earned him a reputation as a leading expert in advancing the fields of preventive medicine and natural health. 

Today, people attend the Hippocrates Life-Transformation program to conquer the premature aging process and live a life free of suffering and disease.  From cancer to diabetes, from weakness to the signs of aging, the Hippocrates raw/living food program can bring you back to a full and happy life

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