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Halloween Party! (Danbury, CT)

For those of you in the area and with no plans that evening!

You are all invited to a Halloween party!

When: Saturday, October 31

From: 7pm to whenever

At:  Danbury, CT

RSVP: By Monday, October 26 please!

Feel free to bring a friend just let me know how many all together!

Plenty of food will be on hand as well as soda, mulled wine and beer.  If you want specific booze please feel free bring it.
Costumes are encouraged but not required.  :)

I do have three rooms that can comfortably sleep guests if you wish to crash as well, those of you from Albany or the like. ;)

Hope to see you there!

Oooh Cali I think I will come!  I will know for sure tomorrow and will post back.  If you have the space I will crash, if there are others coming from farther away I can always go home late.

I will bring some holiday fooooods!  Anything you would like me to bring?


You are quite welcome to crash!  I am cleaning an putting new sheets out today.  So far no one has RSVP'd so you get first crash space choice.

Anything you want to bring is fine.  I plan on making candy, cake/cupcakes, several main courses and a veg side or two.  Plus all the nibble items.  If you have something in mind please feel free.


Ok, I'm officially RSVPing!

Where is the Albany crew?


How is this going??


It was good!  Lots of yummy foods and fun times.  We watched Repo as well.

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