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Free gourmet veggie food/cocktails/Internet expo this weekend for VWers

Hi friends,
I would like to invite you all to the internet expo I'm throwing this weekend in Cincinnati.
If you work on the internet, want to learn how to work on the internet, are involved in video, TV, music,  or marketing, this would be a good show for you.
As of today tickets are $229 but of course anyone who wants to come from here would come as my VIP guest free of charge.
It's not a vegan menu but they are making special vegan meals for me and my friends. Free gourmet food, unlimited cocktails, imported wine!
It will be fun and I would love to have some vegheads to hang with.
I know there are a few people in Ohio here but quite a distance away, but I wanted to throw the free invite out there. This message will self destruct in a few days!

More info about the expo:

Please pass this free invite to any vegheads you know in the area or who work in the field.

you know i would be there if it wasn't in cincinnati


i actually work in IT and CRM management.  bummer that i'm not anywhere near cincinnati.

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