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Chicago Vegan Grill Out and Kickball Game!

This Saturday in Humboldt Park at 1pm, the baseball diamond at the corner by North ave and California.  Even if you don't play kickball, the ice cream alone is worth showing up for!  I'll be there, you should come if you're in chicagoland!

im a bum who doesnt know how to insert an image... sorry- Just click on it!

Do you have any more info about this event?  Who's putting it on?  Does everyone need to bring their own food and/or money? 

The link doesn't seem to be working. 


sorry - it's being put on by the Chicago SoyDairy.. the makers of Temptation Vegan Ice Cream and Teese vegan cheese.  It's a free event, but there will be 'vegan grillables and ice cream' for sale.  Should be really fun!

ill try another one...


This sounds like so much fun.  If we lived closer, we might go in spite of the fact that my husband can't eat anything from Chicago Soydairy (he's allergic to corn and it's in all their products).  I think it's probably too far from the NW burbs just for a kickball game.  :'(

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