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Boston-- Earth Fest anyone??

Okay so this event isn't EXACTLY veggie related, but there will be some sweet music and its hosted by Whole Foods so a lot of the companies they carry will be sampling at the event including... Cafe Indigo with its famous vegan carrot cake ;D Not only will there be bands like Cake but also local, Boston based bands and even a kids stage .
The event is from 12-6 next Saturday, May 24th. The event is free although they do suggest that you bring some money in case vendors are not only sampling but selling things and also so that you can support the bands by buying their merch. for more info. If you do go, come see me, I'll be at the Cafe Indigo table handing out samples for most of the morning (I believe sampling ends at 4??) Out of the two of us doing the event, I'll be the taller one ;)

omg that looks awesome!!
i want Cake! and vegan carrot cake!  ;D


mr. marxistvegan and I really really want to go.. we're moving the rest of this month, but if we get some free time and some form of transport out thattaway, we'll definitely be there.


oh man, i have to retract my statement about the free cake. apparently the big vendors made a decision that anyone who wanted to sample would have to pay 1500 for the rights. SO, we'll be there from 10-11:30 talking up the products and such. Come visit anyways though, we might have something to make it worth your while.. maybe ;)


Ooooh some peeps from the Boston Vegan Association (Celtkat included) are going there today.  They must not have seen this thread.  Hopefully you run into them!!

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