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Atlanta area Meetup 2010/2011

What do Y'all think about having a get-together in the fall somewhere around Atlanta?

Since the big Ashville meetup didn't work out for everyone, We could all discuss what dates would work best.
Maybe We could even plan a BIG meetup in this area for next spring?

I suggest the ATL area because it's a major metropolitan area that is pretty easily accessed by lots of Us VWers. And here's the really cool reason:
I live on 50 acres of absolute heaven, which includes Our groovy old barn, a new ~1500 sq. ft. pottery studio (plus a smaller, older studio), lots of green space, pretty trails through the woods, and plenty of garden-grown food!

I figure We could do this over the course of a weekend, include a visit around Atlanta for some good eats/shopping/park-going/etc., and spend a day out here at the ol' Homestead, which is located an easy 1 hour drive south of Atlanta. There are cheap motels in the area, as well as some space here for a good handful of folks.

What say Ye?

I'm totally down for that!  I'm about 3.5 hours away from atlanta.


We've been wanting this for years. I say yes.

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