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they are now not publishig it in the uk til sept, grr, BUT i managed to pick me up a copy while i was visiting my family in the usa the opther week :)

now i just got to decide what to make from it, is it the tempeh crumbles that everyone keeps raving about?

i love cookbooks :)  ive just been tidying mine!

Yes! Make the tempeh crumbles! Make lots of them!!

How was your visit to the states? Did you dine out anywhere tasty?



she also has some really good cookie recipes! i want some cookies. there are a lot of threads on here about all the recipes, we went a little nuts about VWAV a while ago. I think most of the popular recipes have reviews on the boards already.


I now double the amount of tempeh crumbles I make cuz I nibble on them as I cook other things. They are so good in everything! Last week I had a little bit of crumbles & a little bit of rice. So I mixed the two, added salsa & rolled into a burrito. Topped with more salsa & Tofutti sour supreme. Yum! Next Friday we are going to put some on pizza.


can someone please tell me what this VWAV book is and where to find it?  I searched on amazon and couldn't find it!
my boyfriend is vegan and I want to cook for him.
thanks!  ???


Vegan With A Vengeance.. It's a wonderful recipe book and she also has a site


my trip was great.  i flew into NY and stayed there for a couple of days with a family friend and then went down to Philly and stayed with my family for a week or so.  saw my friends, hung out with my little cousins, took them on the train (big excitement cos they go everywhere in the car normally).
  i didn't really eat out anywhere in philly, snacky things in coffee shops mainly cos i was at my familys so i cooked for them there :) i did go to the reading food terminal a coupla times, just pottering about.    but in NY i took myself to lunch at the Angelica and also to Teany, moby's coffee shop.  I was a little disapointed with teany, not really sure why cos my food was really nice and the atmos was good.  maybe i just wasn't in the right mood, im not sure.  the angelica was awesome though :).  i had a half dragon and a salad and a macaroon, i cannot tell you how long it has been since i had a macaroon, it was so yummy!!      i had such a good trip, thanks for asking :)        bbxx


Lezly, you sound just like how I eat those suckers! it would be fun to make a blog dedicated to TSC and the uses we find for them. ROFL  ;D


i had a half dragon

~~GASP! You ate half a dragon? :o

Ok, so what's a dragon?

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