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VWAV Reviews - Fettucine Alfreda and Banana Oatmeal Waffles

Fettucine Alfreda - I made this recipe, and it has its good points. Howe'ver, it was very salty.  Definitely omit the salt, and you could probably cut back elsewhere as well.

It's tasty, but it's not alfredo-like. It is orangey in color.

I also made the banana oatmeal waffles.  They were very much like banana bread waffles.  We put walnuts in some and raisins in others.  I liked the walnuts better.

Both were good enough but not exceptional.

Robin, I made the oatmeal waffles too and thought they were just ok. But then I used the same batter and made them into pancakes and they were great. I don't know why they tasted different, but they did and we loved them. Like oatmeal raisin cookies...

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