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VWAV purchasing question?

i noticed that amazon has 2 VWAV - one is dated 11/9/2005, and the other is dated 9/1/2006 (so it's not available yet).  what's the difference?  i really want to buy this book after hearing so many glowing reviews, but i'm a bit confused....

When I looked at the Amazon sight, I only see the Nov 2005 version. If they have one
dated Nov 2006, it isn't release / published yet. I suspect all the talk about VWAV
must be about the Nov 2005 version. Perhaps a new revision is about to be published.


not sure about a second VWAV, but i DO know that isa's second cookbook, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World is slated to come out around september 06. perhaps that's what the second date is referring to. i'm guessing you can pre-order!


The september one is the Cupcake cookbook. If you were looking for a regular vegan cookbook, definitely get the older one, definitely. Or you'll be stuck waiting 2 weeks for a pile of cupcake recipes haha


well, on amazon, there are three listings for vegan with a vengeance:  one is the original, one is the cupcake book (due 10/28/06), and the third is the one i am questioning that has an availability of 9/01/06.  the third one is simply titled Vegan with a Vengeance (as opposed to the original's long title) and has a different cover.  ???


probably just a standard re-issue. i know there are some typos in the first book (she corrects these on her PPK site), so I'm guessing that the second one probably fixes the errors and is jazzed up with a new cover. try going to Post Punk Kitchen and asking. she seems to be very responsive.

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