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VegNews Holiday Cookie Collection!

I got my copy a few days ago from: It's only $3 and has 11 recipes for cookies plus a ton of variations and some other surprises that I've never seen before! A lot of the recipes were contributed from excellent vegan chefs, like Hannah Kaminsky to Robin Robertson.

I made the Toasted Almond Toffee Bars last night and they were AMAZING. Crunchy, buttery, chocolatey deliciousness. I wanted to eat the whole thing for breakfast but you know, trying to control myself over here!

I might have to get that.  I want to make vegan stuff to bring to work and Thanksgiving.


Has anyone else tried anything from this cookbook?  I am making the gingerbread cookies right now and something is definitely wrong.  The dough tastes amazing, so I'm sure the cookies will taste great, but they aren't going to turn out correctly.

The dough was really soft and it didn't firm up after refrigerating.  I was planning to scoop instead of rolling and cutting anyway so that didn't really matter to me.  I flattened out my scoops trying to make nice round cookies.  I just peeked in the oven and they flattened out completely and pretty much ran into one big cookie.  I didn't modify anything from this recipe for once and just looked what happened.

I will try adding some more flour to stiffen up the rest of the dough and report back.


Update:  I added about another 1/2 to 3/4 cup of flour to the last third of the batter.  It stiffened it up but the cookies still flattened out completely.  At least they didn't all run together.


hey krs - i didn't have the same problem with the gingerbread cookie dough, it was the perfect firmness for me! I was gonna suggest more flour if you were having that problem though. Hmm...I wonder what the issue is??


Hi everyone! I noticed your post here, krs, and I want to say that we have recently received some questions on the gingerbread recipe, which prompted us to review the recipe and editing process. And guess what? You're right! There are two ingredient quantities that somehow got lost in the editing cycle. The cookbook will have an updated page within 24 hours, so keep your eye out (ah, the magic of digital technology). For now, here are the new quantities:

2-3/4 cups pastry flour
1-1/2 teaspoons baking powder

Please know that VegNews vigorously tests and stands by every recipe we publish. We appreciate readers bringing this to our attention so we can remedy as quickly as possible. Happy holidays!


Thank you so much sfcolleen!!  I love gingerbread cookies and I went out specifically to buy molasses for this recipe.  I scooped the first batch into a bowl and I stuck it in the refrigerator.  Now I have a bowl of gingerbread paste that I am trying to find a use for.  The second batch (with the additional flour) was better, but still pancake-flat.

Now I can make some more and get them right.  I'm so excited to try again!!


I tried to get it but they don't ship to Germany :( I thought I was purchasing a digital book? Aw, bummer :(


Yes, I had that same problem with the gingerbread.  Glad to see there was a correction.

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