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Vegan World Fusion Cuisine

Anyone else have this book?  It has a lot of raw, live, whole foods recipes.  I'm gonna be cooking out of it all week, so expect a bunch of reviews!

satori summer rolls  these were pretty good!  I didnt make the peanut sauce dip, but i made a coconut cilantro dip.  This took me way too long because 1. i had to use a fresh coconut and had NO idea how to do that and 2. i suck at rolling things up, burritos, spring rolls, whatever.  but i loved the simple sweet taste of the rice.  so yeah.  this was pretty good.  i bet it would be bangin with the peanut sauce.  mmm

broccoli bisque this was SOO easy.  i boiled everything in large chunks, blended it right away because i've got a vitamix (just leave the top off and blend at a low level slowing increasing so it doesnt splatter) and added half a bag of frozen corn.  i also used plain water instead of broth, it tasted good and i bet it would taste even better with a good quality broth.

i dont have it but it's funny you mention it, cus i just saw today that theres actually a section on the recipes page with a few dishes from this book..

the quinoa crab cakes sound good but really time consuming.


I have it, but rarely use it.  The photos are better than the recipes.  :-\


yeah the photos are awesome!  i'm really just starting to try out recipes.  so we'll see how they go.


I lOVE this book! One of my favorite recipes is the corn muffin recipe with pineapple! The bomb!  :) :) :)

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