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Vegan Cooking For One

Does anyone have a reveiw of this cookbook?  I'm eating more meals alone as John is traveling a lot.  I find myself eating convenience packaged foods  more and more lately.  I'm busy with working 12-hour shifts and school.  But I want to start cooking for one.  I have the old book The Single Vegan and it's still excellent, but want something new.  Amazon let's you read the table of contents and it looks like it has good stuff.

I'll proably give into peer pressure and get Vegan With A Vengence while I'm at it.  :)

No help here, but whatever that is on the cover, I'll have some please!!!



Old post of mine...back before the divorce.  I still do a lot of cooking for one.  I did wind up getting that was the start of a buying binge of cookbooks that continues to this day.  LOL

Actually that cookbook wound up being a reissue of her first book "The Single Vegan".  It's an excellent cookbook and I recommend it.

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